Auction Hunters – Myths and Truths about Overdue Storage Auctions in Australia

ABC Self Storage

Auction Hunters – it certainly makes for great TV viewing. A self-storage unit strewn with forgotten treasures and abandoned belongings. Quick scrutiny by the harsh glare of flashing torchlight. Keen bidders squawking, scrabbling and squabbling over the contents like vultures picking over a carcass. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of overdue storage auctions. Storage auctions are big business in the US, but do we breathe a collective sigh of relief and say only in America? Or are unpaid storage auctions a reality right here in Australia? What will happen to your precious belongings if you can’t meet the ongoing costs of storage? Let’s shed some light on the myths and truths about unpaid storage auctions in Australia.

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Hiring a removalist who you can trust

Moving house can be one off the most stressful times in a person’s life. There is so much to organise, so many things to remember, and so many possessions you didn’t realise you had. This is why hiring a removalist who you can trust is essential for staying calm and keeping your sanity in good health. Here are some tips for hiring a professional who will get the job done and evoke your trust.

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4 Rules for Storing Your Breakables


At ABC Self Storage, we work hard to keep your unit safe from outside influences, but we can’t protect the items inside your unit from accidental breakages. It’s a corollary to Murphy’s Law that the most delicate items are usually the most sentimental, so it’s important that you put some time and care into ensuring the safest method for storing your breakable items. Continue reading

2015 Moving Cheat Sheet


In November, we highlighted a few mistakes you can make when relocating your life. Before 2015 lands with a crash, we’ve decided to check off a list of moving must-dos to further speed you on your way. Whether this is the first time you’ve packed, pruned and taped your spare time into boxes, there’s a tip here for everybody, veterans and learners alike.  While the following cheats will certainly assist your moving mission, remember the cardinal rule – be calm. We’re not going to advise cashing in on the T-shirt craze, but channeling a calmed, rational outlook from day dot will help you get through the next few weeks and every week after. Continue reading

4 Uses of Self Storage

two young ladies with moving boxes

Self storage is becoming more popular in Australia, for families and businesses that have belongings they are not able to store at their own properties. Self storage prevents clutter from piling up in our homes and offices, and gives us more space to live comfortably and freely. This article shows you four uses for self storage, so that you too can live an organised and efficient lifestyle. Continue reading

12 Situations Extra Storage Can Come in Handy


We’re always interested to learn how many different reasons our clients here at ABC Self Storage have for needing a temporary storage solution. The benefit of flexible storage is that because you can store all types of goods, and for different periods of time there is a lot of variety in what people store, and the reasons why they need to store.

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Organising your storage unit: 8 Ways to Best Store and Stack Items


Using your space wisely in a storage unit is essential to organise items in a way that they are easily accessible and so that you only pay for the size of the storage unit that you need. For this reason the storage specialists here at ABC Self Storage explain some techniques to best store, stack and categorise your items when using self-storage facilities.

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Advice for Finding a Removalist Company in Australia


Many people shop around for the best removalist rates when moving house, but there’s more to consider than just the price before your next big move. Insurance, care taken and reputation of the company play a big part in selecting a good mover and should always be taken into account. Before you choose the cheapest removalist from the phone book or through a quick Google search, don’t forget to consider these very important factors. Continue reading

6 packing materials for moving to protect your items

6 packing materials for moving to protect your items

Organisation of items and smart is the key for any successful move. There’s nothing worse than arriving into your new abode and discovering things have been lost, broken or become otherwise damaged along the way. Here’s our list of 6 packing materials that you should include in your moving inventory to help  protect your belongings and make your move easier, safer and less stressful. Continue reading