Hiring a removalist who you can trust

Moving house can be one off the most stressful times in a person’s life. There is so much to organise, so many things to remember, and so many possessions you didn’t realise you had. This is why hiring a removalist who you can trust is essential for staying calm and keeping your sanity in good health. Here are some tips for hiring a professional who will get the job done and evoke your trust.

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4 Uses of Self Storage

two young ladies with moving boxes

Self storage is becoming more popular in Australia, for families and businesses that have belongings they are not able to store at their own properties. Self storage prevents clutter from piling up in our homes and offices, and gives us more space to live comfortably and freely. This article shows you four uses for self storage, so that you too can live an organised and efficient lifestyle. Continue reading

12 Situations Extra Storage Can Come in Handy


We’re always interested to learn how many different reasons our clients here at ABC Self Storage have for needing a temporary storage solution. The benefit of flexible storage is that because you can store all types of goods, and for different periods of time there is a lot of variety in what people store, and the reasons why they need to store.

Many of them have used self-storage before through different stages of their life and aware of the benefits. However if you have never thought about renting a storage unit before, here are 12 different reasons when storage can be great solution during life’s changes.  Continue reading

6 packing materials for moving to protect your items

6 packing materials for moving to protect your items

Organisation of items and smart is the key for any successful move. There’s nothing worse than arriving into your new abode and discovering things have been lost, broken or become otherwise damaged along the way. Here’s our list of 6 packing materials that you should include in your moving inventory to help  protect your belongings and make your move easier, safer and less stressful. Continue reading

Self Storage – Your Room Away from Home


People might ask what the benefits of renting a storage unit are when compared to leaving items with friends or relatives. The answer here is flexibility. You are renting the space it’s all yours so you can do with it what you want with it (with a few exceptions, no illegal activities, living in your unit or loud parties please!)

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Storage Laws: Getting sensitive items ready for storage

shutterstock_94299610Taking sensible and smart steps before putting your items into storage may sound like it’s a chore, but before your store, there are many ‘storage laws’ to prepare different items for storage to keep them protected and in the same condition as when you left them. Here are our pieces of advice for storing sensitive items properly and smartly. Continue reading

What happens to abandoned storage units in Australia?


Did you know that hundreds of storage units in Australia are declared abandoned each year? It’s hard to fathom that people would abandon their belongings that they went to the effort to store in the first place, but for many reasons storage units are left abandoned. This is often because contact with owner has failed and the renter has not kept up with required payments for an extended period. Continue reading

Moving tips from ABC Self Storage

moving tips

One of the most common reasons people use our self storage at Tweed Heads/Currumbin on the Gold Coast is because they are moving house and need somewhere to keep their possessions for a short time. This is quite a stressful time for some people, and during times of stress some of the most basic requirements can be forgotten. We have put together a moving house checklist in the hopes that we can remind you of something you may have forgotten. Continue reading

Frequently asked questions on Self Storage

Frequently Asked Questions On Self Storage

In today’s blog post we would like to share some of the frequently asked questions we hear from customers on self storage.

#1 How does self storage work?

Unlike other storage facilities, self storage gives the customers a full control over their possessions after they are stored away at their unit. Once you have all your goods stored, you’ll get your own key and have the freedom to go to your storage unit whenever you need. Continue reading